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Personal Training

Terms and Conditions

Thanks for putting your health at the top of your priority list and giving us as coaches the opportunity to personally guide you to achieving goals specific to you.

As part of our service to you is accountability, putting terms and processes in place to enable us to get the best our of you and to make sure you as athletes are putting your best foot forward and doing your part.

So think of this as a personal contract between you and your coach, you’ll know what we expect of you and vice versa, we enter an agreement to be the best versions of ourselves for the desired outcome, and even better version of you.

So here we go……

  1. I will show up to my session 10min early to warmup and make any preparations I need to

  2. We’ll leave the outside world at the door, this is a safe, happy and motivating space and to train to the best of our ability we also need to have the mindset to achieve that, plus you don’t want to hear about your coaches problems

  3. RESPECT, we will always respect each other, foul language or any forms of aggression will not be tolerated, and the session will be terminated immediately

  4. Your time is time you are paying for, the coach will always prioritise YOU and not be distracted by outside influences, if it happens pull them up

  5. Want to bring a friend, that’s great but please note the session fee will reflect the 2 people training

  6. The coach will always be on time, in the event the miss a session they will ALWAYS make up for it with a replacement session

  7. A 4 hour cancellation period applies for athletes, inside that 4 hours the session will still be charged at full fee. We appreciate that things happen but these times are booked in just for you and a last minute cancellation means our coach misses out on income. Please respect their time

  8. Lastly and most importantly have fun, enjoy the process and kick some goals, but it’s a 2 way street, the coach can only do so much, it has to be reciprocated.  

We cant wait to see what amazing results you will achieve and the connection you will develop with you coach. Coaches do this because they love to see people do well, so lets get it done.

Session Fees:

(Sessions are 30min blocks, if you want 60min its 2 x 30min)

30min 1 on 1 - $45

30min 2 on 1 - $60 ($30 each)

Every additional person - $30

Individual Program Only - $90

Nutrition Consult - $90

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